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China to Set up National Office to Oversee Campaigns against IPR Violations

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On 9 November 2011 at a State Council executive meeting chaired by Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, it was decided that China is going to set up a national office under Ministry of Commerce to oversee ongoing campaigns against IPR infringement and counterfeit goods to bolster effects of the campaigns.  


The meeting also passed the Opinions of the State Council on Further Implementing the Crackdown on IPR Infringement and Production and Sale of Counterfeit and Shoddy Goods, as well as highlighted the following areas to focus on in further implementing the crackdown work:

1. Strengthen enforcements.

Tighten supervision of manufacturers and inspection of market operations regarding a range of products including food, medicine, cosmetics, agricultural supplies, construction materials, machinery, electronics, and auto parts.


2. Step up criminal and judicial crackdown.

Ensure prompt investigation of alleged violating acts and timely transfer of alleged criminal acts for judicial disposition, set up cross-regional institutions to facilitate coordination and enforcement.


3. Accountability in supervision.

Factor into performance appraisal of local governments the results in combating IPR infringement and counterfeiting within their respective jurisdictions.


4. Reinforce creditworthiness and honest practices.

Maintain credit profiles of business operators, better the credit check and disclosure system, and promote collaborative monitoring of fraudulent behaviours.  


5. Involve the public as a watchdog resource.

Educate the public and raise their awareness about IPR protection and infringement, and encourage reporting of suspected infringing acts.


6. Refine IPR-related laws and regulations.

Lower the threshold of IP-related crimes, impose harsher criminal penalties, and enhance judicial authentication standard.


7. Pursue active international exchanges and cooperation.

Leverage international experience to increase effectiveness of existing IPR protection measures.

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