·         Prior art search and patentability study

·         Patent applications drafting and prosecution

·         Patent reexamination and invalidation

·         Patent administrative litigation

·         Patent infringement litigation, administrative resolution

·         Patent customs recordation

·         Patent search and watch, patent infringement assessment

·         Patent licensing and assignment

·         Miscellaneous patent-related legal services 


·         Trademark registration and renewal prosecution

·         Pre-filing search and registrability study

·         Trademark opposition, review/adjudication, and administrative litigation

·         Trademark licensing and assignment

·         Miscellaneous trademark-related legal services

Miscellaneous Legal Services

·         Copyright and computer software registration

·         Copyright license and assignment

·         Copyright infringement litigation and related legal matters

·         Registration of integrated circuits layout designs

·         Domain Name Registration

·         Counseling on Anti-unfair competition and Business Secret protection

·         Long-term Intellectual Property consultant for company

·         Other Intellectual Property-related legal services

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